A series of portraits taken to accompany the question:
“What do you aspire to?”. Answers so far include…

“I’d like to meet my alter ego”
“To bring the Georgians back to life”
“To become a film director”
“To progress with Medicine”
“To be the best person I can be in God’s eyes and be open to his guidance”
“Self Confidence”
“To stay in the now”
“My aspiration in life is contentedness”
“To keep working as long as possible”
“To hope this country gets back on its feet”
“There is never a need to hope but to accept, to be, to love”
“To live to see my grandaughter become a woman”
“To wait for God”
“To become mayor of London”
“To keep my garden looking bright as long as possible”
“To one day have a great job at a big hotel chain”
“To put back what I’ve been given in life”
“To do as much between 60 – 70 as I did between 50 – 60”
“To be an awesome Grandma”
“To be as patient with people as my father was”
“To live the rest of my life to a large extent on my own terms and with some dignity”
“That this print turns out better than the last one”
“To evolve”
“Inner peace”