The word ‘Atomised’ can mean both the complete destruction of matter and the deconstruction of something into its separate elements. The installation attempts to capture this duality. Atomised is based on a photo of the meadows by a member of the local campaign group “Save Bathampton Meadows” (SBM).

It shows the distribution of colour within the photo by creating a physical histogram. The colour space is partitioned into cells, each represented by a sphere with a volume proportional to the frequency of the colour. The placement of the cell within the space is based on its RGB value. The diversity of colours found in the meadows is juxtaposed against monotone brutalist concrete of the barn.

Park & Ride’s are a short-term ineffective solution to a problem which needs to consider car-free alternatives in the view of many of the members of SBM and myself. The work represents one possible future for the meadows. The installation was created to provide an alternative way of considering the area under threat and to bring another voice to the growing opposition to the destruction of this beautiful piece of countryside by the Conservative led council.

I was invited to give a talk to the enthusiastic kids of Batheaston Primary about the project. It was inspiring to see them so engaged with the campaign in general and know that the project may have sparked their imaginations. Led by their art teacher Alison Smith they created their very own mini-atomised sculptures.

The “Making of” video.